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Across formerly rural regions of France, the roadside bistro or café would traditionally keep a local wine for the thirsty traveller. The reds often bordered on the undrinkable and you’d barely dress wounds with some of the whites.  In many villages, rosé might well be an unofficial mixture of the two however, these wines were definitely a customary element of the maison in question.

Years have passed since house wines were not only presented as the least expensive, but were often the cheapest the patron could source, regardless of any redeeming quality.  We now find ourselves in the midst of a minor revolution in house wine provision as distinct changes have drifted through the on-trade.

Many British pubs have ironically moved towards the now declining French bistro model via the gastro-pub, where it is often exciting food that prompts footfall. As a result, it is the style of cuisine that increasingly determines the wine we request at the bar.

Here at Burroughs we have worked hard to ensure our carefully selected ranges assist in the creation of a confident house wine provision.

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