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Burroughs Wine and Spirits Merchants

From humble beginnings in 1772 on Market Place, Burroughs was born from bon viveur William’s passion for sourcing, enjoying, and sharing interesting and unique wines with the country’s leading cellars and hostelries for nearly two centuries.

Burroughs became part of the Lacons group in 1897 and continued to cement its reputation as a leading wine merchant until a corporate takeover in the late 1960’s sadly closed both the brewery and Burroughs. Lacons resumed brewing to international acclaim in 2013 and Burroughs has now returned reflecting the same enlightened approach as William Burroughs.

We know that the world of wine has changed immeasurably in the intervening years but the range of individual wines, in our list, are the result of the same rigorous selection process as our eminent predecessor. Our buying team believe that William would be as proud of our distinctive wine portfolio today as he was of his own, nearly two hundred and fifty years ago.