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We are committed to quality over compromise.

Ensuring a range of flavour packed ales that are authentically and passionately produced with strict attention to detail. True appreciation of a pint of Lacons will leave you craving for another.

The ingredients of great ale

If you love beer like us, you will know that there are only four traditional ingredients used to create real ale. Producing the perfect beer is of course a little more complex than that, but we don’t want to reveal all our secrets. But we can say it does involve complete dedication, experience and more importantly time which allows the distinct flavours to develop.

Malted Barley

Barley which has been carefully dried and then lightly roasted.

It provides the sugary solution for fermentation of yeast. Some brewers use cheaper sugars which come from maize and rice. We use only home grown British malted barley in our ales. We sometimes also add a small percentage of Wheat into certain recipes to intensify flavour and hue.

Barley Barley


These are primarily used to give our beers their distinct and unique flavours.

We source them from all over the world and only use whole dried natural hops as opposed to pellets which are cheaper. We prefer to pay that little extra for quality and flavour. We hope you agree.

Hops Hops


We use some of the original Lacons yeast dating back well over half a century

They have been registered and carefully preserved at the National Yeast Bank in Norwich. After each fermentation we carefully harvest the yeast, test them in our brewery lab for viability and use them in subsequent brews to maintain the authentic Lacons taste.


Our water is drawn direct from Great Yarmouth's supply.

When it enters the brewery it comes known as 'liquor'. We regularly test our supply to ensure freshness and consistency.

Lacons Beers
Produces a thing of beauty