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Pale Ale

3.9% ABV
Pale Ale
CAMRA Bronze - Norwich Beer Festival 2015 SIBA Regional Winner - - Small Pack Beer Competition 2015 - Bronze

Pale Ale

3.9% ABV

How it tastes

This modern expression is balanced with a golden hue. Crisp fruit greets the nose before a wave of melon and grapefruit. Bittersweet finish.

Available throughout June.


A beer style born from true innovation that Lacons first brewed in the early twentieth century. Exploring the possibility of producing more consistent and paler ales, brewers found that by changing fuel in malting kilns from wood to coke - which burnt hot and steady - a beer was created with a unique well-rounded pale malty taste.

  • SeeGolden
  • SmellOrange, Citrus
  • TasteMalty, Melon, Grapefruit
  • Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter
  • Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet
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