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5.4% ABV
SIBA East Keg 2019 - Premium PA's (4.4% to 5.4%)


5.4% ABV

How it tastes

Lacons Quell is a slightly misted golden IPA, distinctly crisp with a dry uprising bitterness. Robust citrus dominate the aroma and palate.

Available year round in keg.


Aptly named to ‘quell’ the thirst of avid beer drinkers that are seeking something unique, interesting and different to the norm. Its name pays homage to a period in our history when Lacons was nearly silenced forever at the hands of a corporate takeover.

  • SeeDeep gold
  • SmellTropical Fruit
  • TastePassionfruit
  • Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter
  • Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet