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Wednesday & Thursday     12:00pm - 2:00pm

Our visitor centre allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the rich history of Lacons Brewery. On Main Cross Road in Great Yarmouth, right next to the brewery, we have a museum teeming with Lacons memorabilia - each item with it's own story; a shop where you can buy merchandise and ales direct from the brewery and a traditionally styled Victorian tap bar available on open days which take place throughout the year.

The Museum The Museum

An extensive range of artefacts and memorabilia awaits our visitors. The collection maps the rich journey from the establishment of Lacons in 1760 in Great Yarmouth’s medieval rows, through to its successful move into a purpose built brewery that had foundations laid in June 1895. Many collectors and enthusiasts have donated countless hours and objects which showcase the great achievements of the brewery and its public houses over 250 years.

Explore through old recipe books, pub signage carrying the iconic falcon emblem and original bottles that surprisingly still remain unopened some 60 years since production. Photographs and stories from the past help paint the unique dynasty of Lacons.

Further to the history of Lacons Brewery, the museum also exhibits awards from the rebirth in 2013 to present day, giving the visitor a view of the 'Lacons of today'.

The Museum

The Shop The Shop

An ample holding of Lacons gifts including our range of beers produced on site at The Falcon Brewery. Bottles, flagons and mini casks of fine ale await the keen shopper.

A select offering of exclusive wines from around the world are also available from our very own historic wine merchant ‘Burroughs.’ A heritage range of clothing is complemented by original gifts such as famous Lacons Great Yarmouth rock with our name inscribed through it, made by local confectioners.

You can also buy bottles of our ales online, by visiting the shop.

The Shop