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Legacy and Old Nogg win awards at the IBC

See our full list of awards and read about our award success on our blog.

Legacy and Old Nogg win awards at the IBC

‘Delivering the Best of Everything’

As well as our brewery, we are also one of the UK’s most successful independent composite drinks suppliers.

‘Delivering the Best of Everything’

After an absence of 45 years, Lacons brewery returned home to Great Yarmouth in 2013.

Drawing on over 250 years of our rich brewing history and heritage, combined with the expertise, passion and innovation of our acclaimed brewery team.

We believe that making beer this good takes time and have crafted a range of ales using only the highest quality ingredients – even working with the original Lacons yeast which has been preserved in the National Yeast Bank since 1959.

Four distinct ales make up our multi award winning core range. Inspired by our rich archive, we have eight Heritage ales which are a modern expression of old recipes, some dating back to the early 1900s. Complementing this we also have an exciting calendar of seasonal beers.

Full tasting notes on all of our beers including the core four: Encore, Legacy, Falcon and Affinity can be found on our beer pages.

You can also find out more about our long standing composite drinks distribution arm in the Trade Section.

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